Urban Collection

Traditional Oriental technology pairs with Western aesthetics

  • Shaping the Project

    On the cylinder blunt form, the designers exercise an integration of techniques with traditional Chinese style and European design. Between the inner and outer walls there is an interspace for a better heat insulation.

  • Texture & Shades

    Geometrical patterns interchange with embossed textures, conferring greater grip and emphasizing the tactile sensation while drinking. Fresh pastel colors or black and white shades are mostly used.

  • A New Lid Concept

    All items are available with a lid in walnut-effect wood, hermetically sealed. The outer cap is made of ABS, while the inner cap is in TritanTMwith a silicon cover applied (highly thermally resistant).

  • 2014 One-O-One

    Named after one of the most iconic and tallest skyscrapers in the world located in Taipei, our One-O-One reinterprets the stunning checkered façade of the building. Through embossed textures, this series artfully integrates the stateliness of traditional Chinese ceramic craftsmanship with the dynamic boldness of European fashion. Balancing minimal with modern and classic with contemporary accents in several trendy colors the One-O-One collection embodies our innate desire to explore new frontiers. We’ve named the mugs “flying to the clouds”, “dreamy starry sky” and “free soaring” to capture the infinite joie de vivre that new adventures hold. If a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, it traverses so many different terrains you are certain to appreciate the functional merits of these stylish mugs no matter where your travels lead.

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  • 2015 Back To Back

    “Respect Nature, Cherish the Earth”. That commitment, at the core of ACERA’s philosophy, finds expression in our Back-to-Back collection. In one group, geometric patterns in earth tones score the smooth cream surface of the tumblers to evoke natural fissures. In another, a pin-dot effect brings to mind dewdrops emerging from vivid backgrounds. Subtly gradated carafes suggest the luminous changing hues of sunset and dawn. All speak of regeneration, rejuvenation, and reproduction, central life forces that foster a healthy living environment.

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  • 2016 The Alchemical Signs

    Since medieval times alchemy has always been depicted as a mystical and secretive practice believed to magically create elixirs for a longer, healthier, more soul-satisfying life. While its success remains elusive, the alchemical goal of personal wellness and a nurturing environment is as eagerly sought today as at any time in the past. Within the Urban Collection, The Alchemical Signs series, which finds its origins in Oriental and Egyptian holistic culture, interprets that quest in contemporary shapes and colors. Bright and bold tonal contrasts emphasize vibrancy. Dynamic geometrical shapes conjure up powerful primal totems. They add a visual complement to ACERA LIVEN formulas for enhanced wellness and better living as the distinguishing elements of the Alchemical Signs series.

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  • 2017 Streetwise

    If the city is a jungle, it must be handled with style and personality: the Streetwise collection is an ode to youth culture, to the vibrant colors and bold patterns of streetstyle and to vintage- avored video games. Streetwise refers to the urban inspiration and to the ability to read the trends of a changing world. The collection is inspired by street art, fashion trends and the most updated lifestyle inclinations. By alternating asymmetries and similarities, Streetwise features a brilliant color palette that breaks up conventions, bringing out in a playfull way primary and secondary contrast colors, lined up on impacting and oversized graphics. Streetwise is the ACERA collection that embraces the philosophy of “more is more”, without hesitation.

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