What happens if the product is damaged during delivery?

ACERA always shows the most sincere attitude towards every customer.We are more than happy to recall products that become defective during delivery and offer you new ones. Should you have any questions about using our products, please email service@aceraliven.com . Our professional staff is at your service.

What is the design concept of Acera Liven?

In every ceramic piece, the delicacy of the hand-carved details and exceptional artistry add to its functional and artistic values. Glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline as part of its patented manufacturer process, products in the LIVEN Series utilizes a far range infrared (FIR) technology pioneered by ACERA. When applied to crystalized tourmaline, that mineral constantly releases the same healthful negative ions you breathe in near a waterfall or after a spring rain. Liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favorable as they acquire an alkaline character that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Ceramic with Tourmaline, how does it work?

Tourmaline, an alternative name for verdelite, is the only mineral that carries a permanent electrical charge. Its minor current mirrors the electric current generated by the impulse wave of human cranial nerves. Continuously releasing far infrared rays and negative (charged) ions, tourmaline breaks down large water molecular groups into subsets. That reduction provides for a more purified taste and improved absorption of water into the human body.

What’s the features of Liven Tourmaline Tumbler?

- Low lead-cadmium content that conforms to international safety standards.
- High quality material used in patented manufacturing process.
- Embodied with unique cultural patterns, our Tourmaline Tumbler is crafted with more than 70 to 80 steps.
- LIVEN tourmaline white glaze can release good far infrared energy with an average emission rate of 0.906 of 5-14μm far infrared. Tourmaline lining that releases far infrared and negative ions that soften water and improvie its absorpton into the human body.
- Enviroment-friedndly ABS inner threads, sillione seals, acrylic lids and Tritan inner cap for faux wood gran lids.
- Double-wall insulation for heat preservation

Is the LIVEN product microwave and dishwasher safe?

It is not recommended to put the product inside a microwave or dishwasher, hand wash is strongly suggested.

Can LIVEN products with cracks still be used?

Our LIVEN products are manufactured by a 1280℃ firing process, ensuring their permanent function. Once the products are cracked, they can still be used in other ways as flowerpots for planting or as fish tanks to purify the water. Therefore, please reuse our products to help protect the environment.

Single-wall and double-wall travel mugs, what is the difference between them?

Single-wall products keep liquids hot or cold for up to 40 minutes, while double-wall tumblers preserve the desired temperature for up to 90 minutes.

What is the tiny hole in the bottom of double-wall mug for?

All of our double wall mugs come with the tiny hole in the bottom as part of the manufacturing process. The hole is only connected to the space inbetween the double wall. While it is not very common, water can make its way inside that hole if submerged or water is directly aimed into it. If there is water leaking out from that hole, we recommend placing the mug upright for a short period in order for the water to flow out from the hole or to dry itself.

What Makes Acera Tumbler Unique?

Our elegant mugs are made of ceramic and coated with white tourmaline. Have you heard about tourmaline? It is a semi-precious rare gemstone, suggested carrying a permanent electrical charge. Hence, when subjected to water, it releases beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions. Subsequently, the infrared rays and ions help in the purification process and minimise the water’s molecule. As a result, that reduction size of the molecule provides for a more purified taste and improved absorption of water into the human body. Furthermore, liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favourable as they acquire an alkaline character. Let drinking water stand for 1-3 minutes, the smell of chlorine will reduce or disappear. Water will become Ionized and more alkaline.

Please contact us if you have other questions, thank you!

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