Ancient crafts. Advanced technology. United in perfect Harmony.

Beauty that’s more than skin deep.

Dual layers of high-quality, durable stainless steel encase Harmony’s unique, patented ceramic core.

A core imbued with a rare mineral.

Tourmaline is a precious mineral whose charged negative ions improve the beverage’s taste, purity and absorption into your body.

Harmony’s perfection is patented.

While most other mugs simply hold a beverage, Harmony holds a patent on how our Tourmaline-imbued core improves the quality of the beverage.

  • A stunning design

    No matter where you take it, Harmony displays your great style.

  • A patented ceramic core.

    Comprised of Tourmaline crystals that purify and enhance flavor.

  • Hot stays hot. ditto: cold.

    Its triple-wall construction provides fabulous temperature control.

  • To your health!

    Harmony is the easy way to improve the quality, purity and absorption of the beverage you sip from it.

  • A look into the future.

  • One glance at harmony's advanced construction and it's easy to see why Acera is a world-renowned leader in ceramic innovation, bringing this mug of tomorrow to you today.

  • Truly extraordinary lid.

    Inner lid and tumbler rim are constructed of TM, an entirely new generation of copolyester.

  • Extremely robust gasket.

    The lid gasket and bottom coaster are made of silica gel with heat resistance of -40°F to 302°F.

  • Crystal-imbued core.

    An inner ceramic liner uniquely made with Tourmaline crystals empowered to enhance a liquid's flavor and purity.

  • Dual outer shell.

    Harmony's dual-layer outer shell of SUS304 stainless steel provides superior resistance to the elements, including corrosion.

You could travel the world over and never find a more perfect travel mug for your life, your needs, your style and even your quest for perfection. Harmony is here, just for you.

Harmony, the travel mug which redefines the standard of quality.

A choice of tops.

The tops alone are worth admiring, including one with stunning Swarovski® crystals encircled by gilded trim.

Four hues, one’s for you.

An inner ceramic liner uniquely made with Tourmaline crystals empowered to enhance a liquid’s flavor and purity.

It even feels beautiful.

Harmony’s honeycombed design is not only gorgeous, it actually gives you a more secure, comfortable grip. Perfect!


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    You have Questions.
    We have answers.

    • How do I clean my harmony?

      Please use a soft brush or dishcloth to wash the inside and outside— and never put Harmony in a dishwasher.

    • Can I use harmony for carbonated beverages?

      No, do not fill your Harmony with carbonated beverages (such as Coca Cola, Sprite, or similar products) or dry ice, as these could increase the internal pressure, making it difficult to open the lid or creating a risk of spillage.

    • How long can I keep beverages in my harmony?

      Do not store beverages such as juice, milk or tea overnight in Harmony, to avoid bacterial growth and bad odors. And do not fill Harmony with non-food liquids such as essential oils or alcohol, as they could damage the lid and silicone gasket.

    • What is the temperature retention capability of Harmony for both hot and cold beverages?

      Harmony can keep hot beverages above 104ºF and cold beverages below 53.6ºF for six hours when tested at 64.4ºF room temperature.

      Please note that these figures are for reference and may vary based on usage, environmental factors, and indoor/outdoor temperatures.

    • What patents does Harmony hold?

      HARMONY VACUUM MUG Patent Information:

      • Utility model name: Mineral stable container liner structure
      • Appearance design patent number: ZL 2016 3 0548731.X

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