• While the tumbler may demand a little extra vigilance keep it out of reach of children because ceramic is likely to crack when dropped on a hard surface you’ll be amply rewarded by your enjoyment of its textural functionality in the hand, its portability, and beauty.

    The elegant gift box can be used to store the tumbler or other cherished items. As an eco-friendly company, we intend the box to be a lasting gift in itself.

  • This artfully designed tumbler will last for many years with proper care. For best results:

    Wash the inside and outside of tumbler with warm water before first use.Keep the porcelain products out of reach of children to avoid falling/breaking, and prevent children from being scalded.Pour water until the tumbler is 80% full, leaving room for steam circulation.Let your hot or cold beverage rest inside tumbler for one to three minutes before drinking to allow the tourmaline inner-wall coating to soften the taste and oxygenate the liquid.Make sure the cap is properly tightened to avoid leaking.To preserve its beauty and healthy hydration properties, clean your tumbler after each use.Wash all components separately with a soft brush, sponge or non-metallic scouring pad.Do not put the products in the dishwasher or microwave.Avoid using alcohol or other solvents on faux wood lids.

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