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Simple Is Beautiful Ceramic Tumbler / 17 oz

Simple Is Beautiful Ceramic Tumbler / 17 oz

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Our concept behind the Simple Is Beautiful ceramic tumbler is to bring out the delicate and elegant beauty found in minimalist design. To make the beauty come to life, we use the bamboo pattern lid to compliment the ceramic tumbler, completing an overall natural and unadorned look. The copper-coin flower pattern heat-resistance silicone sleeve not only gives the tumbler a better grip but also presents an oriental aesthetic of symmetry – imagine watching a flower through gossamer: patterns are blurred, colors are blended, and a feeling of beauty emerges in delicate details. Also, there is another piece in this collection that includes a slip-proof and horizontally linear pattern silicone sleeve over the white tumbler. This pattern's aesthetics and the fresh green color extol the ceramic tumbler’s minimalist style.

The tumblers are made of ceramic. The smoothness of the ceramic rim ensures a pure and clean sip for any drink. The bamboo pattern lid is non-toxic Tritan™, with its food-grade silicone leak-proof seal, making it an eco-friendly choice.

The tourmaline interior lining of the tumbler releases far infrared and negative ions, improving ionization and alkaline levels, resulting in a more purified beverage.

The sleek design of this collection will spark joy in your daily life. Each piece in this collection forms its own touch of elegance. It inspires a brighter mood in a simple way. The Simple Is Beautiful collection lives up to the expression in its minimalist design and thoughtful details that will resonate with what you aspire to in life.

Tourmaline Anion - Patented Far infrared and negative ion Technology


ABS (bamboo effect), Tritan™, and silicon

500 ml / 17 oz

Single Wall

7.16" H x 3.1"

Minted Gift Box 

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