The mission

The name Acera gives meaning to integrating art into ceramics.

Our journey started from art in 1986. At the beginning we were focusing on reviving the style of porcelain from Tang Dynasty. As our technique grew, we started an idea of crafting designed ceramic functional products as a visceral, affective experience.

The secret of ceramics lies in its material. Our special tourmaline material adds an unadorned but elegant taste of natural spring to the drinking experience. It enlivens the water. Concurrent with the idea of creating an ultimate expression of contemporary tradition, we officially took LIVEN as the brand product name in 1998. The style is embedded in the handcrafted artisan details.

We want to encourage people to live in a LIVEN way, to drink from high-quality, sustainable ceramics products, and to put art into life.

The lifestyle

In Chinese culture, “LIVEN” as a phonetic word, stems from the sound of water. The philosophy goes that running water is the source of life, which means liveliness, health and vitality.

The idea of “liven ceramics” explores this lifestyle by starting from the true nature of human beings, relying on the quality of life.

We use ceramics to create a community that shares a timeless lifestyle: Live in the moment.

Be in the know

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