Acera Liven Technology

ACERA's LIVEN product line showcases ceramic products that are glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline. This tourmaline is applied as part of ACERA's patented manufacturing process, utilizing their pioneering far range infrared (FIR) technology. The crystalized tourmaline continuously releases healthful negative ions, comparable to the ions present near a waterfall or after a spring rain. This infusion of negative ions enhances the softness and alkaline character of liquids, contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Acera Liven Technology

Ceramic with Tourmaline, how does it work?

LIVEN technology utilizes precious tourmaline as a key ingredient in the ceramic glaze formula. The interior glaze surface incorporates ACERA's patented technology of "coating substrate composition with far-infrared radiation effect." When this innovative technology is applied to ceramic products, the ceramic glaze surface releases beneficial negative ions, similar to those found near waterfalls or after a spring rain.

As a result, when water is placed inside ACERA LIVEN ceramic vessels, it undergoes resonance with water molecules through the far-infrared radiation waves, breaking down larger molecular clusters into smaller ones. This process helps remove impurities and undesirable odors from the water, increases its oxygen content, and enhances its taste, resulting in a purer flavor.

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