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LIVEN Tourmaline Ceramic Token

LIVEN Tourmaline Ceramic Token

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Description: LIVEN Tourmaline Treasure Token is made with a unique glaze that releases negative anions and beneficial far-infrared rays. 


  • Take out the Tourmaline Token and clean it 
  • Place it in a vessel containing any desired liquid. 
  • experience a more purified taste within 1-3 minutes ( can be steeped longer for special uses).
  • clean it with a fine cotton cloth afterward. it can be used repeatedly and for a long period of time, as long as the token remains intact. 

  • Water - Place the token in a cup of regular water, and the water will taste purer like spring water. 
  • Tea - Place the token in a pot of tea, the tea will taste less bitter and more smooth. 
  • Liquor - Place the token in a cup of liquor, and it will taste milder and less harsh. 

Material: ACERA LIVEN Tourmaline Glazed Ceramic. 

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