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Octopus Heat Wave Massager (T Shape Handle Lid / Green )

Octopus Heat Wave Massager (T Shape Handle Lid / Green )

Octopus Heat Wave Massager (T Shape Handle Lid / Green )


IF Design Award Winner 2015 


The handheld is a hot stone massage in your hand.  A genius and innovative invention for at-home massage that allows you to experience the relaxing effects of heat melting tension in your muscles and tissues. 

Each massager can be filled securely with hot water, and then used to massage anywhere on your body. The heat energy from the ceramic not only feels amazing, it relaxes stubborn tension and activates healthy circulation. 

Following the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine, we regularly employ the heat action of the handheld massager in our facial work to help clear acne and congestion, as well as restore and rejuvenate fatigued or aging skin. 

The silicon cover protects your hands from the heat and makes the massager easy to hold. It can also be removed for cleaning. 

How to Use 

Pop off the lid at the top of the tool and fill your massager with hot water, or use it without for a neutral feel. Wait until your massager feels a comfortable temperature before using. Please always test the heat level on your hand or arm before using, especially for facial use. 

For best results, and to deeply moisturize your skin, apply your favorite oil first before massaging. For facial use, we recommend hydrating first with a hydrating mist or toner followed by moisturizing with your facial serum and/or oil.

When finished remove the silicone handle and clean all parts with hot water and soap and allow to dry before storing.  


Made of ceramic glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline as part of its patented manufacturing process, the handheld massager utilizes a far range infrared (FIR) technology pioneered by ACERA. When applied to crystalized tourmaline, that mineral constantly releases the same healthful negative ions you breathe in near a waterfall or after a spring rain.