Acera Liven


ACERA, a Taiwanese ceramic company founded in 1986, utilizes ancient artisanship techniques to develop innovative contemporary products. With its origin in ceramic crafting, ACERA’s lifestyle and wellness product brand, LIVEN, introduces unique processes and patented technology to continuously advance its design and manufacturing. Crafted with the highest quality, LIVEN’s eco-friendly products are available in both traditional and modern motifs.

LIVEN Brand Philosophy

LIVEN dedicates its product lines to inspiring vitality, health and energy. Drawing on Chinese culture, LIVEN embraces that philosophy by combining two words: Huo Ci ( 活瓷). Together, they symbolize the dynamic life force in running water (Huo) and its application to the creation of lively ceramics (Ci). Our brand honors the importance of ceramics as a highly valued material in Chinese culture, symbolizing the pure beauty of humanity and the essential rewards that come from living in the moment. 

The Ritual Behind

The main meaning about these products is the personal ritual behind them. Rituals matters, they slow us down and connect us to this moment. rituals are simple actions that connect us to our place, the present moment, and ourselves. The Urban collection re-thinks the rituals for “Here and now” according to contemporary daily needs.

Healthy Ceramic

The entire collection is made of ceramic enriched with white tourmaline from high-quality Brazilian gems. This type of gem carries an electrical charge when subjected to heat, releasing negative ions that help purifying any liquid or food content, combining tangible benefits with the pleasure of a contemporary design.

Traditional Handcraft

Exploring the artisanal secrets of an age-old Taiwanese tradition, Acera interprets well the ancient craft of pottery. Every single piece is made and decorated by hand and crafted with selected materials, with more than 70 steps under a rigorous control of multi-stage quality inspection, employing international patented techniques.